Friday, November 13, 2009

I said I've been drawing so I did a couple self-portraits because I'm the only reliable model I know and I have a lot of patience because I'm the one who's drawing! I miss drawing portraits from life so much. My last project was all photos and for practice I would draw myself and sometimes Mary. There's nothing like drawing from life. That is where we should be looking. Photographs are unreal even though they appear to be objectively capturing a moment of light. It's just one perspective: the camera. The moment of live is ever changing. Things are alive and that's what I'm trying to show in my portraits: someone who is alive. Photographs capture such a small amount of information. This drawing captured a full day of my life. I wasn't working continuously but that was how much time passed before it was done. Everything I've done in my life prepared me for this drawing. All the things I was doing that day influenced the work.

Overall the brightness structure is mid to high. I stayed high throughout the development of the work and added darker areas towards the end. I measured more carefully than usual but also not exact at all. I used a mixture of knowledge and feeling. I'm actually proud of this one because it's very even in the brightness, it makes sense. I like the way the forehead became because I always have trouble there.

Always observation. Stopping and staring for long periods of time. I used to get nervous staring at the models in art class. Probably because they were naked and most of the time I wasn't, ha! I go to public places and stare at people and sometimes draw them and I feel creepy about it. An artist will stare and there is nothing wrong with that. This is what I'm to do while trying to be an artist.


Mark VandenBosch

New poster

Here's a poster I made for Troy Graham. If you would like a poster made for an event then let me know.

I've been drawing too.


Thursday, November 5, 2009


This drawing is as done as its going to be. I delivered it to Earl last night after lodge and everyone went bonkers. I would have liked to put it away for a month and then looked to see what it needed but I don't have that luxury. I see some things that need to change about it. It was not supposed to be a copy of the photo. I had to give him hair and eyes. That's why we did the drawings. These are the only photos they could find.

This was the most difficult project I have ever done. And it was my first.

This marks the end of the Tribal Council project. I have made thirteen drawings. As always, I did the best I could.

The drawings will eventually be displayed in the entrance to the tribal administration building.

What's next? Earl said he wanted a portrait of himself wearing his turban. A while back my friend Mary said she wanted a portrait of her father. And my friend Beth who lives downstate wants some drawings of her daughters. I've also to make a web site. I would like to start on some still lifes. Subject matter? Oh, and I want to make a portrait of Luke Strom.

Until next time,

Mark VandenBosch

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Morning

Well, I'm at the table again still working on this drawing. I've shortened his face. Today I'll spray fix it and go to office max and have it digitally scanned for the high price of eight dollars. I'll post the results today hopefully.

Back at it!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So Far

Here's what I got so far. He's close. I need to work in the ground and his mouth and the area to the right of his neck.