Thursday, November 5, 2009


This drawing is as done as its going to be. I delivered it to Earl last night after lodge and everyone went bonkers. I would have liked to put it away for a month and then looked to see what it needed but I don't have that luxury. I see some things that need to change about it. It was not supposed to be a copy of the photo. I had to give him hair and eyes. That's why we did the drawings. These are the only photos they could find.

This was the most difficult project I have ever done. And it was my first.

This marks the end of the Tribal Council project. I have made thirteen drawings. As always, I did the best I could.

The drawings will eventually be displayed in the entrance to the tribal administration building.

What's next? Earl said he wanted a portrait of himself wearing his turban. A while back my friend Mary said she wanted a portrait of her father. And my friend Beth who lives downstate wants some drawings of her daughters. I've also to make a web site. I would like to start on some still lifes. Subject matter? Oh, and I want to make a portrait of Luke Strom.

Until next time,

Mark VandenBosch
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