Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Posters


I've been busy these last couple of weeks making new posters, working at the grocery store and forming a new band: MOMB! MOMB is me, Mark, on guitar and vox and my friend Tim Rundman on drums. We are going to play at a Halloween party after Halloween on Nov. 2nd. at my friend Katherine's house. Maybe I'll get some pictures or something.

Tomorrow, I'll be participating in Marquette's first Halloween Spectacle as a beckoneer, someone who gets people to see the spectacle I guess.

I've been reading a lot of comic books lately.

Here's those posters. Click on them to see a bigger image. I made five posters in two weeks. I'm getting a bit faster. I made another one too but Troy has it still to make copies with. I'll post the fifth one later. I've got two more to make too!

The first poster is for a show where the lineup changed so I just made a whole new one. That's the first two ones. I like the image of the phone pole and thought it was a pity that it wasn't going to be out there so I used a similar image for the Nov. 9th. poster.

Back to the first poster, I sat on my porch and drew that. People said there should be birds on the wires but I liked how there was no life.

So in the next poster I drew some birds. One bird appears to be bothering the other. I worked from photo. The point was not to exactly reproduce the image of the bird.

For the third poster I worked from a photo I took of Troy years ago. I colored him blue and yellow and made the back ground like one of Van Gogh's self-portraits where the colors come together behind the eyes.

Like I said before, for the fourth poster pictured here I liked the image of the phone pole and wanted to use it for a show that was actually gonna happen so I made it. I sat in my bedroom and looked out the window and drew what I saw.

I first made a quick rough drawing in HB pencil then I started drawing with my Sigma .5 pen. The line quality is not as cool as a quill but it's much faster to work because you don't have to dip and the ink dries faster and there's no chunks of ink to worry about when you go to erase the pencil. For color I used my Crayola colored pencils that have been sitting around for eight years not being used. I love colored pencil because they don't smudge but you can still erase.

I got a phone call from Troy and he said they gave him the wrong date at the Wild Rover show on the 9th. and he asked me if I could just put a piece of paper on the poster that made a correct date, Nov. 8th. I said I'll just make a whole new poster. So once again the image of the phone pole and trees was for a show that wasn't gonna happen. So I could use that image again! So I did and it turned out different. I'll post that one when Troy brings it back. I hate putting corrections on posters unless I can do it manually and it looks good.

All of these posters are real. Nothing was made in the computer. I had the text generally worked out on thumbnails and I just lightly laid the text out with pencil then made better shapes and kind of changed things as I went along. The only text I'm not happy with is the Sugar Shack Records. First of all I made the page too big so when I cropped it to fit on a copy machine it cut some info off. Ah, I don't know what I was thinking. Oh, well.

Okay so when you make a poster cut yourself a sheet of 11x17 paper but put a 1/4 inch border on it, O.K.? And stay away from the edges!

Well, if you're lucky enough to have read this far then you got some of the science I've dropped.

Peace, and I'll put more posters up in the future!