Friday, November 13, 2009

I said I've been drawing so I did a couple self-portraits because I'm the only reliable model I know and I have a lot of patience because I'm the one who's drawing! I miss drawing portraits from life so much. My last project was all photos and for practice I would draw myself and sometimes Mary. There's nothing like drawing from life. That is where we should be looking. Photographs are unreal even though they appear to be objectively capturing a moment of light. It's just one perspective: the camera. The moment of live is ever changing. Things are alive and that's what I'm trying to show in my portraits: someone who is alive. Photographs capture such a small amount of information. This drawing captured a full day of my life. I wasn't working continuously but that was how much time passed before it was done. Everything I've done in my life prepared me for this drawing. All the things I was doing that day influenced the work.

Overall the brightness structure is mid to high. I stayed high throughout the development of the work and added darker areas towards the end. I measured more carefully than usual but also not exact at all. I used a mixture of knowledge and feeling. I'm actually proud of this one because it's very even in the brightness, it makes sense. I like the way the forehead became because I always have trouble there.

Always observation. Stopping and staring for long periods of time. I used to get nervous staring at the models in art class. Probably because they were naked and most of the time I wasn't, ha! I go to public places and stare at people and sometimes draw them and I feel creepy about it. An artist will stare and there is nothing wrong with that. This is what I'm to do while trying to be an artist.


Mark VandenBosch

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