Friday, December 13, 2013

I started using watercolor paper

I started using watercolor paper. Man, that stuff is good. I had some Arches 140# cold press that a friend up in Marquette gave me that I never used too much. It's so much better than Bristol board at taking watercolor but it's harder to draw on. Still, it's a joy to work on a nice surface instead of whatever you got.

If you get watercolor paper and you really like working watercolors then get Arches 140# or heavier cold press. You can draw with charcoal or pastel on that paper too. I bought a pad of Strathmore watercolor paper a long time ago. Twas shit. But maybe it was a lighter weight. I do remember there was sizing on it.

Anyway, I really like the free Arches I have! I like these non-objective drawings but I should get back into objective sometime. I should select a still-life soon.

I need a job too! (I guess)

Hang in there!


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