Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Atelier, Minneapolis MN

On July 14th I went to Minneapolis. My purpose was to attend a life drawing workshop at The Atelier. I made it, by the grace of God and Hal's Subaru, and spent a wonderful week staying with my friends Jeremy and Sam and their dog Chief. In the mornings I would go do some things: sketching and sunbathing at Lake Linden, visiting the Walker Museum, disc golfing at Kaposia park in St. Paul and then in the afternoons I would go downtown to The Atelier to draw. My favorite lunch place was the ChinDian Cafe on East Hennepin.

They don't mess around at The Atelier. I learned a lot about drawing, seeing and materials. It's a very traditional vibe there. 

We spent all week on this one drawing.

I remember Dale Redpath saying that it was a game. She told me to sharpen my pencil. She told me to make a decision and commit to a brightness structure. She said sometimes it looks like I know what I'm doing and sometimes not.

I actually felt like spending time on this drawing. I felt like it wasn't a big deal. I was having fun for the first time in a long time.

At night I would spend time with Jeremy and Sam. It was good to reconnect with them at their home and experience the city and the neighborhood with some locals. 

The next week I went to Chicago to see my friends Todd and Thom. I had a nice good time with them, went to some record shops and waited by the car until it was legal to park where we were by the Contemporary Art Museum. They are closed on Mondays. But we did see the Daniel Clowes exhibit. It was good to see those big pages.

My visit with Todd was short but sweet.

Next then I went to Muskegon, my home town, to see my mother and family. I thank my mother for insisting that we go down to the beach at night for a fire. One night a lot of my family showed up: Aunt Tina, Aunt Maria with Alex, Kevin and Wyette, Grandma Mona, Uncle Frank and his wife Christie with their children Frankie and Giadda, who else ? Mom.
This is me at the beach at night. You cannot see the fire.

My Mom and I went to the Muskegon Art Museum and saw the Regional Show. Not much realistic painting but for Harry Ahn's For The Birds and others.

I was very impressed with the black and white room. Here's a photo my Mom took.

 Later my Mom and I went for Mexican food at a place I can't remember in Roosevelt Park where I had my first Chimichanga.

Good vacation.

All in all I learned a lot. Nuff said. Back to work!

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