Thursday, October 22, 2009

Progress, Progress, Progress

Hello World,

Well back at it again. Between compulsive internet addictions, a severe cold, making a logotype for my mother and monkeying with the software and hardware of my computer, I managed to get some work done.
I've also been looking at various art academies, thinking about possible futures. One has interested me the most: Kewaunee Academy of Fine Art. It's location, cost, discipline and class size are most attractive. Who knows!
Meanwhile, here are some images of my current project in the works.
This is the first stage. I started out with a gesture drawing, not specific but still measuring out approximate features. This image is later in the game. I've got the whole support covered with some kind of brightness.

Now here I'm blocking in brightness areas going from general to specific. The ground is lowering in brightness and more layers of graphite are put down.

Now I'm starting to get into some detail and making adjustments to some of the shapes that describe the jawline. I'm getting a little dark already on the neck. I gotta work in the other areas more. I'm just trying to work from general to specific and paying attention to the whole area of the work!

I know these pictures are not that great but I wanted to get this up before I go to Chicago tonight! The drawing still needs a ton more work but it'll be good to get away from it for the weekend and see it with new eyes on my return.

Enjoy yourselves!

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